“The Original Multi-Cylinder Tong Heads”
Self Adjusting - Longer Lasting - Positive Action - Lighter Weight
Recently incorporated major quality improvements
which facilitate longer operations with less maintenance!



Piston stroke automatically compensates for
pin and link wear. Tongs always close completely, accurately, and with precise alignment.

Cylinders operate independently. Gob-up in
one mold does not interfere with pick-up from other mold. Individual cylinders eliminate changing and vibration of old style assemblies.

Total operation, including pick-up is always
smooth and even.

More rugged; center section now becomes a
positive support for the entire assembly.
Design and assembly features insure accurate centering and positive alignment.

Requires minimum parts inventory since
most wearing parts on single, double and triple gob tong head assemblies are interchangeable. Individual cylinders can be replaced quickly and independently.

Long, trouble-free service life in high production operations. Jeff Tong Head Assemblies are standard equipment for many leading companies. They require much less maintenance, provide longer service life than
old style assemblies.

Jeff Single Gob Tong Head Assembly

Jeff Double Gob Tong Head Assembly with Jeff Bar Arm.New Style!

Jeff Double Gob Tong Assembly with center cooling built into the tong head.
Puffing air can be regulated or shut off with easy access valves. Air is ccurately
directed into center of the bottle.
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No Chains, Sprockets, or Gears.

No Air Loss or Adjustments.

No Tong Head Rock at Bottle Pick-up or Drop-off.

Bushings are flanged and bolted to insure location and accuracy.

Better balance improves drive mechanism operation.

The Jeff Bar Arm helps reduce neck checks.

Available in all sizes.

Fits all size mechanisms without modification.

Fits all Jeff Tong Head assemblies.

Construction is lightweight, yet rugged.

Tried and proven with unbeatable results.

            Jeff Triple Gob Tong Assembly. Unmatched for performance and reliability. Unit shown with individual cavity adjustment (ICA)  

New and Improved Jeff Bar Arm with Energized Wear Rings & Easy Change
Bushings. Smooth, Vibration-Free Motion From Bottle Pick-up to
Bottle Drop-off!

        Jeff Bar Arm shown with Jeff Double
Gob Tong Head Assembly.

US Patent 4412778 - Patented Worldwide